Quick Ship Program

Fast Track your Automated Turning Centers

Enabling a Competitive Edge with QSP

Murata Machinery USA offers a selection of quick-to-ship, standard automated turning machines with a variety of upgraded options that ship within 2-4 weeks. After install, QSP machines can be up and running in a week. 

Engineered as a production-ready solution. 
MW and MD 120 or 200 twin-spindle lathes offer machine shops the accuracy and consistency required to produce repetitive parts, especially in high throughput applications.

  • The integrated gantry-loader facilitates unmanned operations
  • Its three-axis programmable design maximizes flexibility, facilitating easy handling of varied sized parts and quick changeovers

Automated solutions improve user ROI. 
Production leaders can rapidly deploy QSP equipment to accommodate new production requirements, increasing operational efficiency and productivity while achieving cost savings and long-term ROI. 

Keeping your spindles running with our fast, automated turning machines can increase your profits and help you remain competitive in this market.

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